Payday Loans Calgary

We all try to plan for every eventuality, but sometimes we need cash for an unforeseen emergency. A payday loan in Calgary can help you avoid bad credit ratings for missing a payment or make emergency repairs to your vehicle. Northstar Brokers has a range of quick and easy loans to help you when you need them most.


  1. You won’t have any unpleasant surprises.
  2. There are no upfront fees and no hidden costs.

Advantages of Using Northstar Brokers

Instant payday loans in Calgary allow for a short-term, emergency loan. It’s called a payday loan because you have to pay it back when you receive your next paycheque. These loans are usually not given for more than two weeks. Online loans in Winnipeg can be compared to an advance on your paycheque.

Northstar Brokers is committed to providing short-term loans to our customers as quickly as possible and with a minimum fuss. Our loan range ensures that we can offer solutions in a variety of situations by the latest methods.

Because we base our loan amounts on your income and expenditure, not your credit history, your name doesn’t appear on the credit bureau database, keeping your privacy intact. We also offer a wide borrowing range — from $300 to $3,000 — to cover any contingency.

You can apply online for any of our payday loans services, including:

  • Cash advance;
  • Re-credit;
  • Payday loans in Calgary;
  • Debt consolidation;
  • Loans without a credit investigation;
  • Personal loans.

Cash Advance

When you need emergency funding, you might not be able to wait the standard two weeks for the funds. At Northstar Brokers, we can have the funds in your account on the same day you apply. We streamline the process to submit everything online and receive confirmation and payment all in one day.


We have a simple and effective way to help you restore poor credit ratings with our secure credit card. This works like a cheque or debit card: you deposit money as a guarantee and then use the card as you would use a credit card. 

For example, if you deposit $500 on the card, you have a balance of $500 to use. By restoring your credit rating, you can take advantage of lower interest rates in the future, making it easier to meet payment deadlines.

Payday Loans in Calgary

Payday loans in Calgary can help you cover unplanned expenses quickly with easy repayment terms. The first repayment is on your first payday after you take the payday loan. You have three different ways to pay and a maximum of two years to repay the capital:

  • Pay only the interest ($12 per $100) 
  • Pay the interest and a portion of the loan amount
  • Settle the entire loan and costs in one payment

Debt Consolidation

Debt consolidation could be an effective solution if you’re suffering from over-indebtedness. You can use a debt consolidation payday loan in Calgary to combine all your payments into one repayment over a maximum of five years. 

Debt consolidation allows you to settle your debts quickly and simplifies the management of repayments. Your payments may even decrease under new terms and rates. Without paying small amounts each month, you may not need to take a payday loan in Calgary. 

Loans Without Credit Checks/Personal Loans

Whenever you apply for a loan at any financial institution, they will carry out an affordability assessment. They will also check your credit rating, and the application is recorded on the credit bureau databases. The results of this check will determine your loan amount and the interest repayments.

We don’t check your credit rating at Northstar Brokers; instead, we determine your affordability based on your earnings and expenditure. Your payday loan in Calgary application remains private, and we can approve it quickly. We can transfer the funds to your account on the same day if the application is completed before 11 a.m. Eastern Time.

What Do You Need to Apply?

When you apply for a payday loan, we need proof that you have been living at the same address for at least six months and have a full-time job. 

We have a quick online form for you to complete, and you will also need to upload a few documents: 

  • Two forms of photo ID;
  • Proof of address (utility bill or similar);
  • Proof of social insurance number;
  • Three months of bank statements (90 days);
  • Your last two pay stubs;
  • A cancelled cheque or pre-authorized debit form.

Once you have submitted the application and required documents, we can approve your loan and transfer the money to your bank account. 

When Should You Take Payday Loans In Calgary?

Payday loans in Calgary are designed to help you in an emergency when you need cash quickly. If you struggle to meet your financial commitments every month, you probably need to look at options like debt consolidation. You also need to assess your affordability before making an application, as we’ll check your bank statements to ensure that you can repay the loan amount. 

We’ll ask for the first repayment with your next payday, and you can choose to pay the entire amount at once or make small payments. If you can’t pay the agreed amount, we can make other arrangements, but you will need to pay the interest so that the capital amount doesn’t increase. 

Payday Loans Calgary : Who Can’t Take a Loan?

Northstar Brokers will be unable to help you with a payday loan in Calgary under the following circumstances:

  • Your banking account is less than three months old;
  • You have declared bankruptcy or have payday seizures on your salary;
  • Do not have a full-time job, or you have been working for less than six months;
  • You can’t provide the necessary documents;
  • You don’t receive your salary by direct deposit;
  • You can’t afford to repay the requested loan amount.

Obtain Payday Loans Calgary with Northstar Brokers

Payday loans in Calgary are a short-term solution in an emergency with quick approval and no record on your credit history. If you need a cash advance to meet other financial commitments, you should look at alternatives. 

Although we don’t conduct a credit survey, you still need to meet the affordability criteria before we approve your funds. If you don’t repay your loans, you’ll incur additional expenses and legal penalties.

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