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How to get your loan in 3 easy steps

1. Send us the documents

Once we have collected all your information, we quickly forward it to our finance companies for approval.

2. Sign the contract

Once approved, we send you the contract immediately so you can sign it.

3. Get the money

Money is sent to you 45 minutes after you sign your loan contract by Interac money transfer.


We have professional loan brokers that work on your behalf so you don’t have to


We won’t keep you in suspense and deposit the cash as soon as all the documents go through

All of our services

Cash Advance Get the cash advance you need, when you need it!

Payday LoansEasy like Sunday Morning

Rebuild Credit – A high credit rating can save you Money

No Credit Check LoanYour Past shouldn’t affect your Future!

Credit Consolidation – One Loan to pay them All

Bad Credit Loan – Money when you need it most

Repayment examples

A $300 loan with an APR of 18% is $46.22 weekly payment.This example includes all the fees associated with the borrowed capital

Repayment term

Our installment loans are repayable within a period of 6 months


We offer lower interest rates than our competitors. Our interest rate is 18%