Emergency Loans Canada

Emergency Loans

You are looking for an emergency loan in Canada? Northstar Brokers is a private lending institution with over a decade of experience. For all of this time, our objective has remained the same: to help anyone in financial distress receive monetary aid at any time without needing to pay an upfront fee. 

We provide a range of emergency loans in Canada, including quick loans, cash advances, no-credit-check loans, bad-credit loans, payday loans, and debt consolidations. We are willing to approve all submitted requests immediately. 

In addition, we can also help you restore your credit. This is done through the use of a secure credit card, which you’ll be offered with complete confidentiality. 

We are always concerned about the security of our loans and take extreme care to ensure they are completely secure. We work with companies in accordance with the Consumer Protection Bureau. 

We Make It Easy for You

At Northstar Brokers, we understand that life sometimes puts obstacles in our way. We are here to offer our support during your time of crisis and whenever you need money quickly. We understand that urgent situations won’t wait two weeks for money to be deposited in your account, which is why our service is fast and reliable.

Our brokers are there to help you, no matter your financial situation, whether you have good credit or not. We offer no credit check loans, bad credit loans, as well as credit consolidation, and solutions to help rebuild your credit. We’ll be happy to work with you until we can find a solution that gets you money as quickly as possible, especially in case of an emergency.

What Emergency Loans Do We Offer in Canada?

At Northstar, we provide a variety of services. A few of our emergency loans in Canada are:

Cash Advances

A cash advance is a short-term cash loan. Typically, these emergency loans in Canada are meant for situations where you need money quickly to deal with an immediate crisis. However, they shouldn’t be used as a long-term answer to a financial concern. We provide online cash advances from anywhere in Canada.

To make a loan application for a cash advance with Northstar Brokers, you will need to have a checking account with a validity of three months or longer. You’ll also need to have resided at the same address and held a full-time job for a minimum of six months.

The salary for this job must be received by either check or direct deposit. In addition, your salary cannot be subject to seizure. Finally, You must not have declared bankruptcy to be eligible for this loan. We are willing to offer cash advances between $300 and $3,000.

Payday Loans

Put simply, payday loans are an advance on your salary. You will be required to repay the loan on your next payday. These are typically used when you need to cover an unexpected expense, such as a sudden emergency.

The conditions to get a payday loan are similar to those of a cash advance. You should have had a valid checking account for a minimum of three months and have kept a stable job and a single place of residence for at least six months.

When you apply for an emergency loan with a bad credit score, the lender will assess your capacity to repay the loan; this includes your credit score. As a result, if your credit score isn’t good, the lender might not grant you a loan. However, we will offer you no credit check loans.

To get this type of personal loan, you’ll need to prove that you can repay the fees and the loan and send us the proper documents when you apply. This form of online loan can be approved quickly and the funds sent to you directly in your bank account within 24 hours.

Instant Emergency Loans

We provide an instant loan with no refusal to help with sudden financial crises. The minimum amount is $300, but under the right conditions, the loan may go up to $3,000. Since there’s no credit check, this loan can be approved quickly. You could have the funds the same day you apply.

How to Apply for a Loan?

The online application process is simple. You just have to take a couple of minutes to complete an online form. You also have to send us those documents: 

  • Two pieces of photo ID;
  • Proof of address;
  • Your last two pay stubs;
  • Proof of your social insurance number;
  • A voided check or debit authorization form;
  • Bank statements from the past three months.

The interest rates equal to 15% and the maximum loan repayment period is two years.

What Happens If You Miss Payment to the Due Date?

Get an Emergency Loan in Canada with Northstar Brokers

We offer a range of services at Northstar Brokers, including a selection of emergency loans in Canada. However, these short-term loans are not intended to be a long-term solution. They are meant as a way of getting out of a crisis situation in which you urgently need money. Accumulating short-term loans could potentially place you in a precarious financial position.

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