About Northstar


Northstar is a private lending institution that offers payday loans, quick loans, cash advances, bad credit loans, debt consolidations, and no credit check loans. All submitted requests can be approved immediately. We can also take care of restoring your credit with a secure credit card that we offer you in complete confidentiality.

We only work with companies in compliance with the Consumer Protection Bureau and we take special care to ensure the absolute security of all our loans.

We have been working in this sector for 12 years already and our goal remains the same: to help people in need easily obtain financial assistance without being charged an upfront fee and available at any time.


No Credit Check Loans
Your Past shouldn’t affect your Future!

Debt Consolidation
One loan to settle everything

Bad Credit Loan
Money when you need it most

Online Cash Advance
Get the online cash advance you need, when you need it!

Quick Money Loan
Quick loan – It’s simple!

Rebuild Your Credit
A good credit score can save you money


Grant short-term loans as quickly as possible and become the leading provider of credit advances in Canada. To achieve our goal, we have simplified the entire loan process so you can submit your loan application with ease and receive your money almost immediately.


We make sure our services adapt to any situation. That’s why we provide revolutionary products brought to you using cutting edge technology.


We focus on ethics and social responsibility within our company. Furthermore, respecting our customers, our employees, and our partners is a top priority for us.