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Do you need help to cover unforeseen expenses?  Do you need short-term cash flow between paydays, or money for car repairs?

With over 12 years of experience, Northstar Brokers, provides quick financial solutions to its Quebec clients. Whether you are seeking a mortgage or a short-term personal loan, good or bad credit, our team of professional agents will do their best to find you the money rapidly. We only do business with finance companies that possess a license with the Consumer Protection Office. Contact one of our agents for an appointment or contact us online now!

  • "My car broke down and needed a cash advance to pay the damage.. Northstar Brokers got me the money needed right away!"
    ~ Steven
  • "Required a cash advance and North Star Brokers always got my cash on time"
    ~ Sam - Montreal

Our lenders charge an APR (Annual Percentage Rate) of 32%

Our installments based loans are repayable within period of 90 days and not less than 60 days. Terms can be modified if the client inquires.

$300 loan over 6 bi-weekly payments of $90.21 at an APR of 32% for a total amount of $541.23. This example considers the $241.23 brokerage fees to be added to the borrowed capital. The broker sets their commission for each applicant at their own discretion regardless of interests due to the lender agency.